Sages Over 70 – Nominations


At dsm, we honor our city’s veteran achievers and leaders with our annual “Sages Over 70” award. And we’d like your help in choosing them!

To nominate someone you know, submit the form below by July 1.

The nominee needs to be age 70 or older and should fit several of the following criteria:

  • Has consistently demonstrated leadership through the decades.
  • Has contributed and still contributes to the betterment of the community, even if behind the scenes.
  • Has been a role model/mentor to others.
Sages honored in previous years: James A. Autry, Chuck Betts, Margo Blumenthal, Richard “Red” Brannen, J.C. “Buz” Brenton, Joe Brick, Donald Brush, Robert Burnett, Mary Campos, Monroe Colston, Judith Conlin, Roxanne Conlin, Joy Corning, Patty Cownie, Johnny Danos, Phil Dorweiler, Elaine Graham Estes, Michael Gartner, Nolden Gentry, E.J. Giovannetti, Willie Stevenson Glanton, Barbara Graham, Edgar Hansell, H. Lynn Horak, David Hurd, Vernon Johnson, Gary Kirke, William Knapp, Mary Kramer, Elizabeth Kruidenier, Robert Larsen, Elvin McDonald, Polly Moore, R.W. and Mary Nelson, Kenneth Quinn, Gov. Robert Ray, Stan Reynolds, Loretta Sieman, Neal Smith, Tom Urban, Jack Wahlig, Fred Weitz, Alan Zuckert